Title: A Homage in Pataphysics
Medium: Speakers, Wood, Bass Strings, Motors, Drums, Aluminium, Amps, 12Volts.
‘A Homage in Pataphysics’ draws directly from and pays tribute to the history of contemporary instrument building. The work utilises a range of instrument building techniques and archetypes developed by key instrument building figures, such as Alvin Lucier, Jon Rose, Harry Partch, Nicolas Collins and Felix Thorn. 'A Homage in Pataphysics' acts as both an installation and an instrument where a single instrument is given the role of conducting an orchestra of contemporary instruments within the space. The audience is welcomed and encouraged to “play the installation” and discover the intrinsic relationship instrument building has with compositional structures within performance.

Benjamin Kolaitis is a Melbourne based contemporary instrument builder, sound artist and sculptural artist. He currently works with electronics and programming to develop sound sculptures, invented instruments and improvised performances. Ben is also one of the head curators of the Handmade Music presents series. A key feature of his work is play, engagement and community. He seeks to encourage the viewers and listeners to expand their engagement with sound as a material element through the tactile nature of play, together with skill sharing and community engagement. Ben has created these sculptures and unique handmade electronic instruments for Next Wave Festival, Handmade Music Festival, Liquid Architecture and the Melbourne Fringe festival.

How to play the installation: Pick-up the metal drumsticks next to the Reverse Bass Guitar and drum the bass strings to create percussive tones. When a metal drum stick is connected to a string it will also activate another instrument within the space.

Zawa Zawa 2012, ISEA2013, This is Not Art 2013.