Something In Between was an audio, visual and interactive installation that utilised my research on contemporary musical building approaches and the conceptual framework of Agential Realism. This addendum provides a reflective and contextual summary of the installation.

Audiences were encouraged to play two contemporary musical instruments located at either end of the gallery space. Each instrument had a webcam embedded inside that captured the face of the audience member as they played the instrument, which was then projected onto the backs of both instruments and a flat screen tv situated in-between the two instruments for the audience to see. As audience members plucked each string the acoustic sound of the string was amplified into the space. Furthermore, each string sensed the bio-electromagnetic signal from their finger, which triggered a different video effect of their face being projected, an electronic tone and activated a spinning vibrating motor with LEDs.

The work effectively captured my research on intra-action and agency. While audiences played each device I noticed that the effect of seeing their face together with the face of the performer on the other instrument really succeeded in bringing agency into the visual and musical system of the installation. It joined together both performers’ self-awareness with the installation, and the ontological and musical discursions that they performed with the instrument. The flat screen TV in the centre allowed the non-performers of the audience to also see the performers’ intra-active engagements with the installation. 

Exhibited at Finding X in Y, First Site Gallery 2015.